716 Dips was founded in a buddy’s garage the summer of 2014, with the hopes of making something cool for a few friends. Since then we have grown into a professional, and trained company whose goals have grown beyond that of a few cool knick-knacks. Today we handle everything from a small keychain to large production runs of over 100 pieces. The one thing that will never change is our commitment to our customers. We work directly with you to achieve what you want. No upselling, no leading, we are driven by the knowledge that you will love our work for years to come. This commitment means we only use the high grade of products, from our paint which is specially formulated for the hydrographics industry, to our film which we buy from a very, very select group of suppliers. Every thing we do is to make you happy and ensure the product we produce has a look and longevity we would want in our own property.

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