Enertech Labs Fuel Products will Increase Power, Improve Fuel Economy, Clean Fuel Systems & Remove Carbon Deposits. Protect Your Engine.


Complete Fuel Treatment™ – is our main product suggested for use in all diesel fuels and biodiesel blends up to B5. It is a true all season multifunctional fuel additive.

Complete Fuel Treatment virtually eliminates coking problems with EGR, Turbo, Intake Manifold,etc. It will also help to reduce the frequency of regeneration on Diesel Particulate Filters. 32oz. Treats 250 Gallons


EnerFuel™ with Lubricity is an organic based product that when used as directed will bring the Lubricity of Low and Ultra Low Sulfur fuels to meet or exceed the manufacturers B.O.C.L.E., S.L.B.O.C.L.E., and or H.F.R.R. requirements. Additionally, it is a powerful fuel system cleaner.

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